Terms and conditions

Present agreement is a legal contract between the member and the site best-bride.com hereinafter referred to as the "Site". It establishes binding conditions for the use of the Services of the Site. By completing the subscription the member agrees to comply with the conditions of all terms of this agreement referred to as the "Agreement". If you do not agree to the Agreement or to any of its terms, please do not register for best-bride.com.

The Agreement includes such items as Privacy Policy, Payment Policy, Refund Policy, the terms of a subscription to the notifications, promotions and periodic services of the Site. The Agreement can be changed at any time, and the changes become effective upon them being posed on the Site.

The Site reserves the right of modifying the terms of the Agreement and the right to amend them, to modify the content and the functionality of the Site, to change pricing, to change any fees for the using of the Site and it's Services at any time. Each member of the Site is notified about the changes in the Agreement. The actual terms can be seen on this page and you can track all the changes of the Agreement on it. Your use of the Site since the date of introduction of additions or amendments to the Agreement makes you consenting to all the changes. In the case you do not agree to any of the changes of this Agreement, please, do not utilize the Site.

  1. General Eligibilities and Restrictions

By viewing the content of the Site and utilizing its Services you represent and warrant that:

1.1 Your age is at least 18 years old.

1.2 You will not violate any of provisions of the Agreement.

1.3 It is legal for you to view all the kind of the content provided by the Site.

1.4 You are a natural person and you visit the Site and utilize its Services only for private use.

1.5 You are interested in finding a girlfriend from Ukraine, Russia or from other countries.

In these cases you can not use the Site or its Services:

1.6 If you are convicted of sex offense or of any moral turpitude crime.

1.7 If you have a felony conviction or if you have its equivalent in any jurisdiction.

  1. Registration and authorization conditions

2.1 Before to register you need to read the rules of the Site. And you also need to read the answers in the section of frequently asked questions.

2.2 You need to complete the minimum of necessary information about you at registration. Note, that the other members of the Site should have the opportunity to understand your goals and intentions, so it's recommended to fill in all forms with the information on the Site.

2.3 You need to provide a valid email at registration. It is necessary for activating your account.

2.4 To get the access to the Site you should complete the registration procedure. The account will be active after you complete the registration, after you confirm that your e-mail is valid and after you confirm that you agree the Agreement and to all of its terms and conditions.

2.5 By registration you agree to provide to the Site reliable, accurate and complete information about yourself and you agree to update it if necessary. The Site reserves the right to terminate your membership at any time if you provide misleading, fake, inaccurate or incomplete information. We can ask the member for an additional information. The evaluation of all the provided information is based only on the personal opinion of the administration of the Site.

2.6 You agree to receive information initiated by the Site at your by e-mail without limitation after becoming a member. The mailing may consist of notifications about new users, informing messages about promotions and discounts, lists of updates and etc.

  1. Cancellation right

3.1 Any member is able to cancel his own membership for any reason and at any time. The terminating procedure is carried out by the administration of the Site upon written request to terminate the membership or upon the similar request sent by email. All unused funds at the Site may be paid back to the user in accordance with conditions of "Refund Policy".

3.2 If you cancel the membership, your account and profile will be removed. Any user is able to restore his profile within 3 years from the cancellation. In order to restore the profile, you need to login to the Site and to resume the use the Services. If a restoration is unavailable you will be recommended to re-register and to create new account.

3.3 The Site has the right to terminate your membership if you violate any provisions of the Agreement. If your violation caused any of financial or moral losses of the Site, or / and of the other members, we may take appropriate actions. If you breach the Agreement you will not be entitled to a pay back any used or / and unused funds.

3.4 The Site reserves the right to be discontinued at any time without giving any explanations and reasons.

3.5 We charge for the range provided dating services and we do not refund if the Services of the Site are upgraded or disabled.

  1. Membership warranties and obligations

By completing the process of the registration as a member at the Site you agree:

4.1 to have no more than one account on the Site, and to use the account personally. You are not allowed to give others an access to use your membership. The use of the Site is allowed only for privates. The presence on the Site is not allowed for any agencies, and for public or non public organizations.

4.2 to use the Site under any applicable regulations and laws. The transmitting of any material that somehow violates the rights of another party is not allowed. When using the Site and any of its Services you will not transmit any unlawful, racist, abusive, sexually oriented, defamatory, threatening, inaccurate, offensive material. The breaching of any law or rule allows us to cancel your membership and gives us the right to file a complaint about you and your breaching to the law-enforcement authorities including the ones in your country.

4.3 to be honest, polite and serious in dialogues and in cooperation with all other members of the Site.

4.4 not to use the Site in any illegal or / and in any unauthorized way. You will not perform unauthorized access to the Site, collect usernames, or / and information, or / and emails, or / and mobile phones of any men or / and any ladies which have accounts on the Site with electronic or / and any other means for hacking websites. You are not allowed to send unsolicited emails, test messages or / and links to other sites in any way qualified as spam. For these cases we reserve the right to take legal actions, including criminal, judicial and civil redress against you if you breach this provision.

4.5 The Site is not responsible for any conduct of the people whose profiles are located on the Site. Please, be caution and use common sense. Any interactions with other people listed on this Site are at your own risk.

4.6 You will not attempt to solicit the communication with any person under the age of 18 or on the behalf of such person.

4.7 It's not allowed not publish any type of content that is directly or / and indirectly related to child pornography. The Site has a zero-tolerance policy against any kind of child pornography. We will immediately terminate without notice the membership of any user who publishes or distributes such materials. And we will report to the appropriate authorities.

4.8 The user may not publish image or video or written content that promotes paedophilia, or / and incest, or / and bestiality.

4.9 Any copyrighted material or proprietary content is not allowed to be posted, distributed, or reproduced.

4.10 The administration may delete without warning any kind of content, messages, images, videos in your profile, which violate the Agreement or which in our opinion may be illegal, offensive or may violate the rights of other members, or which may harm the safety of the Site or may threaten its Services.

4.11 The administration may change the fee for the Services of the Site at any time. If you do not agree with any changes in the Service payments, you may terminate your membership.

4.12 You agree that upon your cancelling of your membership you will not have an access to all the Services from the date of termination. And you agree that you will not have any claims to anyone if the further communication with selected lady fails.

  1. Available Member Services

5.1 The form and types of the Services provided by the Site may be changed. You agree that they may be changed or / and updated at any time and without a prior notice. We may discontinue or change or add any kind of features or Services at any time. We reserve the right to establish new rules for existing Services on the Site.

5.2 You agree to pay for the Services provided by the Site, and you agree that credits in your account are charged correctly. You agree to pay the full cost of all the services used from your profile, no matter if they were used personally by you or by any other person, regardless with or without your permit.

5.3 Mail. You acknowledge and agree:

5.3.1 The credits will be withdrawn from your account automatically according to the tariff plan for paid services when you send an e-mail message. If you have a suspicion of spam one or more members of the site send you, you can file a complaint to our User Support service.

5.3.2 No transmitting of abusive, offensive, defamatory, inaccurate, obscene, sexually oriented, humiliating, threatening, racist or any other illegal material by our e-mail Service is allowed.

5.3.3 You must use the Site and its Services in accordance with all applicable laws and with all regulations.

5.3.4. If your aim is not long-terms relations and you want only to develop a friendship with a lady on the Site, please, indicate your intentions and make them as clear as possible.

  1. Privacy Policy

6.1 Credit card details will be handled securely to ensure confidentiality.

6.2 SSL encryption is employed to ensure sensitive data is protected.

This Privacy Policy describes our regarding to the collecting and using of any personal data and information through the Site and its Services. We share your concerns about the protection of all of your personal data and of all of your personal information online. By utilizing the Site, or / and one or several of its Services, or / and by obtaining any product through the Site, you give the Site the right to collect and to use the data and information as set forth in the Privacy Policy. In the case you do not consent to the Privacy Policy, please, do not use the Site and do not use any of its Services.

The Privacy Policy may be updated in any time. You will be notified about the changes to the Privacy Policy by publishing the updated Privacy Policy on this page. We recommend you to bookmark and and to review this page periodically in order to ensure the familiarity with the Privacy Policy actual version. If you do not agree to the updates, please, do not use the Site and do not use any of its Services.

  1. Payment Policy

7.1 An unit for internal payment on the Site is called "Credit". The Services on the Site and all products are payed by Credits.

7.2 Credits can be purchased by debiting your debit or credit card according to available Credit packages and adopted payment methods. If you don't have any credit or debit card you may inform us about this in written or by email and specify a convenient payment method.

7.3 Credits are valid for use at any time.

7.4 You should have positive balance of Credits to order the Services of the Site. Members with negative balance or which have only bonus or trial Credits are limited in receiving the products and services.

7.5 You cannot purchase on any of Service which cost more Credits than you have on your account. If you have no opportunity to pay for purchasing the Credits at this time, please, contact us. We will find a compromise.

7.6 The price of credit packages can be changed without a notice at any time. The current price of the Credit is available by a certain area in the page of your account settings. In this area you may apply the new price to your next purchase of Credits.

7.7 Using of the Services after the price of credit packages was adjusted means that you agree to new prices. In than case you can not get a refund for credit packages previously purchased at price which was higher if new price of a package is reduced.

7.8 You can view the flow of your account Credits in Order history page at any time.

7.9 You agree to pay for all the Services you received. In case you have obtain the service in an improper manner are entitled to a refund. The Site reserves its right to compensate the foregone services by adding the Credits to your account.

7.10 If you are sure that the Site has charged off some of your Credits mistakenly, you can file a complaint to the Support Service before 90 days left since the incident.

7.11 The Site has the right to stop accepting any of credit or debit cards.

7.12 Charges will be debited from debit/credit card in real time.

  1. Refund Policy

8.1 Refund Policy is a integral part of the Agreement. The Site reserves the right to update the Refund Policy and to modify any of its terms at any time. All changes become effective immediately after posting the updated Refund Policy on the Site.

8.2 No of payment received from you is returned if there is no reason for the refund in according to the Refund Policy. Money can be refunded to you only in case which are stipulated by this Agreement. If you use the Site or / and any of its Services you hereby acknowledge that you agree that the administration reserves the right not to refund you for any purchased credits for properly and fully provided services.

8.3 Your failure to develop a relationship with any lady on the Site is not a eligible for a refund.

8.4 Bonus and trail credits are not refunded.

8.5 You do not have the right for refunding if the claim is that you are only unhappy with the Site and / or any of the Services.

8.6 The message sent to anyone on the Site, which remains unread or / and unanswered is not the reason for a refund of credits.

8.7 If you send an email, the message forwarding to a mailbox of the recipient means that it is forwarded correctly and the service is rendered. In this case you have no rights for a refund. This case includes but it is not limited to accidentally sending of duplicating messages or a chat session that has not been stopped accidentally.

8.8 The Site may offer you charging bonus credits on your account instead of a refund.

8.9 A refund is not possible if you have not learned the potentialities of the Site services and as a result you have not use them properly, what caused the loss of credits.

8.10 In other cases, you may report the claim and the grounds for refund to the administration of the Site. The consideration of claims takes within 7 days excluding the weekends. The Site administration has the right to request you an additional information and proofs of the claim validity.

8.11 You have the right for a compensation or a refund only after you have adduced an evidence of the fact of unsatisfactory service.

8.12 You are supposed for a refund if the services you paid for have not been rendered by our fault, except those ones that were not provided because of technical problems of servers, connection channels and other equipment not owned by the Site.

8.13 In the event of any loses or expenses related to your actions on the Site, the Site has the right to demand a compensation for the caused damage and may take available legal actions.

  1. Property rights

9.1 The Site defends its property rights, its software ownership rights, its intellectual property rights and other rights to all Services of the Site. Each of online materials located on the Site, including but not limited to text, images, pictures, video clips, software, notes, music, audio clips, names, addresses, e-mails, profiles of ladies, logos, trademarks, business licenses, service marks, photos, illustrations is copyrighted intellectual property.

9.2 All usage rights are owned and controlled by the Site, except where they are stated otherwise. All usage rights on online materials are owned by the Site, except where otherwise indicated.

9.3 It is not allowed to publish, copy, modify, display, transmit, license, distribute or sell any of proprietary information from the Site for any purpose except the one which is in the public domain or for which one you have been given a prior written permission.

9.4 You are not allowed to copy the code in whole or in fragments, or / and screenshots of the Site or / and its Services without written permission. You cannot use any of codes, metatags, and other devices containing any reference to the Site or / and to its Services to direct anyone to other websites.

  1. Limitations and exclusions of liability

10.1 The Site is not responsible for any conduction of the members and their actions, whether online or offline. So, please, be care and use the common sense while utilizing the Site and interacting to other members. All your actions are solely at your own risk.

10.2 All female profiles and pictures of ladies on the Site are provided "as is". As they are all from different cities and countries, we cannot investigate the reliability of all information about the profiles posted on the Site or / and the backgrounds of women and their morality or their behavior. You agree that you use the Site and communicate to ladies at your own risk.

10.3 The site works in collaboration with third parties which are the agencies in different cities and countries we work with. It is difficult to control individual employees of the agencies, so sometimes problems may occur. This is why your caution is required when using the Site and its Services. When you suspect incorrect activity of some ladies or if our Services work improperly, you can promptly complain us for them us in order we can carry out an instant investigation.

10.4 The Site cannot guarantee and the Site does not promise any exact or specific results of using both the Site itself and its Services. The result of use depends on you and on subjective factors so the Site makes no warranties or assurances in regard to any opinion, statement, affirmation, advice an any other information which is uploaded, posted or distributed through the Site from any member, from us, from our partners, from any other entity or person.

10.5 You agree than the Site does not bear any responsibility for the quality of the Services. The Site is not responsible to you and to any of third persons for any incidental, deliberate, consequential, direct, indirect loss, damage or harm including lost profits, expenses, injury or death issuing from the use of the Site. You are responsible for any kinds of transactions, agreements and actions between you and the other members of the Site, no matter online or offline.

10.6 The Site has gained a great reputation, it has high level of success and it is widely recognized. The intentions of our members are to build long term relationships. However, there are some unscrupulous, fraudulent and other sites which can illegally duplicate our Service mode or portray a similar to one, publish fake profiles and commit fraud to cheat the visitors and members. The Site is not responsible for any loss or damages happened as a result of using the profiles of ladies from the Site on other websites.

10.7 The site can not affect the lady, with whom you communicate or meet, and has no influence on her. The proposed dating depends entirely on mutual understanding between you and a her or and sometimes on a representative of the agency. In the event of any facts of fraud or dishonest actions all responsibility is assumed completely by the third party which is the local dating agency.

10.8 The Site is solely responsible within the law only for its own Services, and it does not assume any responsibility for any services and any content or its parts provided by third parties such as dating agencies in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. The Site can cooperate with them, but the Site does not assume any obligations or claims of third party.

10.9 The Site is not responsible for the privacy policy of a third party which is presented by local agencies we cooperate with. We do not specify what kind of information they will receive from you and how it will be used beyond the Services of the Site.

  1. Miscellaneous and Risk Warning Notice

11.1 The Site denies spam of any form. In case you received any kind of spam message into your mailbox, or guest book, or forum, please, complaint us and we will take the action. Please make sure to send us with your complaint the text of the message and its link.

11.2 The Site primarily serves as a platform for members to communicate to each other.

11.3 All kinds of contact information of ladies received from local agencies are provided to gentlemen "as is". The information is provided as it was reported on the Site through the third party.

11.4 The transfer to you any of contact information from the agency occurs only by lady's written consent given to the agency. After you have spent on the Site a number of Credits (for detail see Tariffs), you are granted the right to receive such information.

11.5 Regardless of whether you received contact information of the lady - from us, or as a result of communication with her, or from another sources, you assent to continue communicating in any way acceptable to you without filing any claims to the Site. You agree not to demand any repayments or any return of the cost of the Services that you have paid to communicate with her or / and other ladies on the Site.

11.6 Note, that the Site can examine the differences between the available contact information both in electronic form and in copies of supporting documents (like identity cards or any types of handwritten forms). But in no case the Site will verify the available information in any other way. This means that there are risks of getting incomplete, incorrect, misleading or inaccurate information. The Site is not responsible for such kinds of information provided to our members which was given to us by third party. The Site does not bear any responsibility for any kinds of losses and / or damages associated with the third party actions in the provision of information. By registering as a member and by using the Site you agree with this, accept all probable risks and assume them yourself.

11.7 The Site and service providers, including local agencies, are completely independent from each other. None of service providers cannot be considered as an agent or an interest representative of the members, and none of service providers is neither a management company nor a subsidiary of the Site.

11.8 The partners cooperating with us are not allowed to use profiles posted on the Site or / and our name as a excuse for charging additional fees from our customers other than for the Services provided by the Site. All such facts break the terms of the collaboration between the Site and service providers.

  1. International Marriage Broker Regulation Act

In case you are a United States citizen or a resident who is seeking to obtain any type of personal information about a non-U.S. citizens or residents or to meet personally with such people, you hereby agree to comply with all conditions and terms of the IMBRA, even that item that requires you not to make direct contacts with the non-U.S. citizens and residents before you have completed all the procedures required by the IMBRA.

You acknowledge and fully agree that your using of our Services means your fully complying with IMBRA terms including the scope of the requirements for information notification and for information release.

After you have fulfilled all requirements related to IMBRA, in order you would be able to contact to non-U.S. citizens or residents, we in our discretion can put you in contact with a Facilitator which will help you with the background of information notification and release requirements.

We maintain and secure electronic copies of all information, forms and documents provided by the Facilitator, that you and the non-U.S. citizen have given to the Facilitator for the purpose of complying with IMGRA requirements.


The situation above shows the risks coupled with using the Site. From our side we are making efforts for the improve and taking preventive measures to minimize the risks which. We do our best in order to protect the customers from the risks which concern the members. But there are situations which fall beyond our control. We try to protect out members from the risks within our possibilities and reasonable limits and try to become better. And we look forward to feedbacks of members in this regard.

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